Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Examining the effect of sport rhytmic exercise on the concrete intelligence and-r in preschool children            0000-00-00
2    The role of university environment on students environmental perceptions and selfregulating            0000-00-00
3    validation of short form of NEO - Scale and invesigating relation of it with learner Goal acievement            0000-00-00
4    evaluate the content of Curriculum for Education Science trend Education of Preschool and primary school and perposing a new Curriculum            0000-00-00
5    psycho-social factors and precesses affect on virtual ssoccial networks: the role of personality, essential needs and social capital            0000-00-00
6    Relationship between differentiation of self and personality types A&B in family of M.S. patients and normal people    M.Sc.    rabiee, sepideh    0000-00-00
7    psychometric charactristics of Values in action inventory of strengths (VIA-IS): adaptation and validation            0000-00-00
8    psychometric charactristics of academic engagement in hiegher education            0000-00-00
9    psychometric charactristics of Interpersonal emotion regulation questionnaire (IERQ):Scale development and psychometric characteristics            0000-00-00
10    روایی، پایایی، مقیاس، خرد            0000-00-00
11    Evaluation of Theoretical and Tractical Courses of Quality Control in Industrial Company Niroogostaran Khorasan Based on Kirkpatrick Model    M.Sc.    raisi nafchi, leila    2010-07-04
12    The Impact of Organizational Climate on the Relationship between Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction on Managers and Supervison Mashhad Azad University    M.Sc.    LOTF ABADE, ZAHRA    2011-02-23
13    The role of Type D personality, Emotional intelligence by mediating perceived stress and coping strategies in quality of life of Patients with Coronary heart Disease    M.Sc.    soltani shal, reza    2011-03-15
14    Impact of trainee characteristics, training design and working environment on transfer of learning in industrial organizations (case study: Iran Khodro Company of Khorasan)    M.Sc.    jodi gasem kandi, babak    2011-04-19
15    Professors\\\' Virtual Teaching Quality and Curriculum Orientations in Iran Higher Education and Proposing an Optimal Virtual Teaching Model    Ph.D    akbaryboureng, mohammad    2011-04-26
16    Effects of self regulated strategies training on cognitive and social problem solving in preschoolers    M.Sc.    jelvegar, afsaneh    2011-05-28
17    The role of executive functions on perception of danger    M.Sc.    hashemi, mahbube    2011-06-05
18    Comparison of test anxiety, social anxiety and irrational thinking in the early and late adolescence    M.Sc.    bahrami, marziye    2011-06-08
19    The role of self-determination needs, information quality and usability to continuing interest in e-learning technology    M.Sc.    kharazmi, akram    2011-06-10
20    Need Assessment & Prioritization of Teachers’ Research Needs of Mashhad High Schools, and assessment of applied suggestions research finalized projects and approved research priorities in research unit of Khorasan Razavi education    M.Sc.    ARFA BALOCHI, FATEMEH    2011-07-05
21    The relationship between learning styles, academic engagement and academic performance students Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    zerank, ramezan ali    2011-07-05
22    The Role of Professor\\\\\\\'s Quality of Teaching Perception in students\\\\\\\' Critical Thinking of Educational Sciences    M.Sc.    pakmehr, hamideh    2011-07-15
23    Designing of Art Curriculum Model in Middle School    Ph.D    saberi, reza    2011-09-21
24    The study of student’s preferred styles corresponding with their school engagement    M.Sc.    ,    2011-10-18
25    constructing and validating the scale of research spirit among girl students of high school in mashhad    M.Sc.    shirzad, zeynab    2011-11-16
26    Effects of mother-child creativity training on mother\\\\\\\'s parental self-efficacy and preschoolers children\\\\\\\'s creativity    M.Sc.    Jamalinezhad, Razeyeh    2011-11-26
27    The Role of Mediating Cognitive Emotion-Regulation Strategies and Goal Adjustment in Relation Between Personality Characteritis and Cancer Patient\\\\\\\'s Quality of Life    M.Sc.    bahrami, batool    2012-02-14
28    Role of social factors and educational - research environment of university on Graduate Students\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' self-efficacy and educational - research performance in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad And Mashhad University of medical sciences    M.Sc.    geravand, hoshang    2012-04-11
29    Testing of causal model of role of Personality and job characteristics in Predicting organizational commitment among girls public school teachers in Sabzevar    M.Sc.    navi, zahra    2012-04-19
30    The role of Perfectionism and Meta-cognition on Burnout in Shirvanian guidance school teachers    M.Sc.    sabzpary, hossein    2012-05-13
31    barriers to change management from the perspective of managers and educational -administrative staffs in Educational complexes in Nishabour city    M.Sc.    rajabpour, hossein    2012-06-06
32    The comparison of degree and relationship of sensation seeking with self-regulation in delinquent and normal male adolescents in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    rezazadeh, seyyedeh masumeh    2012-06-12
33    designe of DIR-based curriculum model for hearing impaired students in the first grade    Ph.D    shalian, rahim    2012-06-18
34    relationship between learned helplessness and academic achievement with the intervention of test anxiety and academic procrastination.    M.Sc.    Amirian, Khadijeh    2012-06-24
35    The relationship between parenting styles with thinking styles and coping strategies    M.Sc.    jalayr, naimeh    2012-07-01
36    Determination of predicting effectiveness of in-service education programs for teachers regarding the elements of Andragogical Process Model    M.Sc.    rezai asl, seyedeh kolsom    2012-07-03
37    Comparative effectiveness of systemic and constructivist instructional design models in the designing problem – based environment of in- service education for teaching    M.Sc.    firoozi, zahra    2012-07-03
38    Study of the Effectiveness of play base intraction training for caregivers with cprt metod on caregiver- child relationship quality children attachment insecurity orphans and vulnerable children boys in residential homes care    M.Sc.    madani, seddigheh    2012-07-10
39    Emotional and behavioral peroblems and school climate among gifted and non gifted students    M.Sc.    bakhshi, negin    2012-07-14
40    The evaluation on the relationship between intellectual capital and performance of employees in educational districts city kashmar    M.Sc.    darooghe arfi, zahra    2012-07-14
41    Effectiveness of the cognitive-behavioral group Therapy on the improvement of mothers’ cognitive, emotional family performances and increasing of teen girls’ self-efficacy and self-esteem    M.Sc.    hosseini, shakiba    2012-11-06
42    The Development and Validation Of shame Scale in The Students Of Ferdowsi and Payam Noor Mashhad    M.Sc.    najafy, fateme    2012-11-06
43    Review the current status of research and research capacity of the education system for teachers and educational needs of elementary teachers in Mashhad    M.Sc.    akrami, rabea    2012-11-10
44    The effectiveness and comparison between interventions of Floortime and theory of mind training on the quality of mother- child interaction and theory of mind preschool children’s and aggression    M.Sc.    kiafar, maryam sadat    2012-12-20
45    The role of parenting styles and cognitive inhibition in primary school children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s verbal and figural creativity    M.Sc.    rahimi, mohaddeseh    2013-01-08
46    the role of social envirment self determination on the goal oriention of student    M.Sc.    sanavi, fatemeh    2013-01-20
47    Evaluate the role of undergraduate student's research training environment via their research beliefs and their research interest on their research experience    M.Sc.    esmaeili, arezoo    2013-01-28
48    Reviewing and Examination of Effect of Life Skills Education on Decrease of Social Anxiety and Increment of Self-Esteem in Students of Boarding School    M.Sc.    fardi, mina    2013-01-30
49    The mediating role of Emotional self-regulation in the relationship between Family emotional climate and Social skills among Adolescents: Testing a causal developmental model    M.Sc.    movahhedi rad, hanieh    2013-02-03
50    The effectiveness of Mizan student-based method in comparison with Tehran traditional schools on social skills and emotional components    M.Sc.    Afsharizadeh, Seyyed Ehsan    2013-03-11
51    The role of casual attribution and hostility in intermediation of attachment styles and aggression in male teenagers of junior Mashhad schools    M.Sc.    naserian haji abadi, hamid    2013-04-22
52    Study of Basic Psychological Needs of self- determination theory in research ethics motivation and research ethics attitude PhD student at Ferdowsi University    M.Sc.    Barsalani, Masih allah    2013-04-24
53    ralationship beetwin meta cognition and learning style with self regulation and anxety exam    M.Sc.    sarbazvatan, tahereh    2013-04-29
54    The Relationship between Moral Development And Sources Of Moral Authority With Attitude Toward Relationship With The Opposite Sex And Educational Status In Adolescent Girls In Mashhad    M.Sc.    ESKAFI NOGHANI, KHADIJE    2013-05-13
55    Effectiveness of Suggestopedia on academic achievement    M.Sc.    tabatabaei, seyed mohammad sadegh    2013-05-26
56    Mediating role of research expected outcomes in relation to spirit of inquiry and faculty support of student research autonomy with research motivation    M.Sc.    miri, mohammadsadegh    2013-06-12
57    The Role of Perceived Classroom Evaluation Structure and Researching Orientation in students’ Researching Motivation    M.Sc.    Heydarzadeh, Mohsen    2013-06-12
58    Evaluation of knowledge management maturity level, and provide guidelines for its implementation Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    takafi, fateme    2013-06-26
59    Desiginig of Creative Curriculum Model in Primary Schools of Islamic Republic of Iran    Ph.D    rajabi, ahmad    2013-09-16
60    evaluate the efficiency of knowledge based centers of ferdowsi university of mashhad    M.Sc.    montazeri, sanaz    2013-10-09
61    Investigate the relationship between metacognition and self-injury in adolescents with risk levels Welfare    M.Sc.    sharbati, zahra    2013-10-22
62    تدوین سیاهه استانداردهای ارزیابی از آزمون‌ها در تحقیقات علوم تربیتی و روانشناسی و ارزیابی کاربرد آن در پایان‌نامه‌ها و گزارش‌های پژوهشی انتشار یافته    M.Sc.    mohammadtaghizadeh, nasrin    2013-10-29
63    developing and evaluating factorial structure of scientific colleborations in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad researchers    M.Sc.    ghelbash, samaneh    2013-11-19
64    بررسی محتوای کتاب تفکر و پژوهش و تأثیرآن بر ارتقای مهارت پژوهشی، روحیه پژوهشگری و نگرش انتقادی دانش آموزان ششم ابتدایی    M.Sc.    javidi, zohreh    2013-12-21
65    cognitive behavior hypnosis therapy in social phobia multy subject method    M.Sc.    jaliliansfarpur, majid    2014-01-26
66    the role of Emotional Intelligence & gender in compatibility of teacher`s caring with Percieved caring of their students    M.Sc.    ahmadi, zahra    2014-01-27
67    Studying the relationship between Self- determination of basic needs and quality of work life of khaf city the primary school teachers    M.Sc.    noorpoor, alireza    2014-02-19
68    Comparing causal retrianing and rythmic training with special instruction in decreasing spelling disorders    M.Sc.    saneie, farzane    2014-02-24
69    A comparison of the effectiveness of group existential approach and cognitive-behavioral approach on reduction of the generalized anxiety of drug addicted people    M.Sc.    mahdizadeh noghand, anoosh    2014-04-09
70    The comparative analysis of effectiveness of spiritual–religious group therapy and it’s combination with traditional medicine in reduction of women’s anxiety    M.Sc.    shahandeh, zahra    2014-04-09
71    The comparative analysis of the effectiveness of group logo therapy and traditional medicine in the reduction of women’s depression symptoms    M.Sc.    arjomandinezhad, zahra    2014-04-09
72    Thesis Format for Postgraduate students, School of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    forootanyan shahr babky, abdolmajid    2014-04-19
73    The methodological paradigmatic orientations on educational re-searchers and the determinants factors upon them (mixed method(    M.Sc.    nazari, seddigheh    2014-05-10
74    studying the effectiveness of spiritual care training on aggression and spiritual health in male with amphetamine dependence    M.Sc.    Ansari, Samira    2014-05-20
75    Studying the effect of tDCS in VMPFC on reaction time of theory of mind and ability emotional intelligence tests performance in healthy adults    M.Sc.    Tavassoli Kafrani, Sajjad    2014-05-21
76    نقش فرصت های آموزشی -پژوهشی و خودکارآمدی پژوهشی درآمادگی های شناختی – عاطفی برای خلاقیت پژوهشی دانشجویان    M.Sc.    ahmadi, shahnaz    2014-05-24
77    Comorbidity of Religious Commitment, Adult Attachment Style andHappiness with Marital quality in Newly Married Couples    M.Sc.    yousefipour, reyhaneh    2014-06-03
78    نقش میانجی گرانه و مستقیم دورنمای آینده در رابطه بین نشانگرهای شخصیتی و معنای زندگی با انگیزش تحصیلی دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی و علوم پزشکی مشهد    M.Sc.    hashemi, seyedeh zahra    2014-06-09
79    Comparison of the efficacy of storytelling and creative play mother and child on preschool children's creativity and improve mother-child relationship    M.Sc.    havai, ameneh    2014-06-09
80    Comparison The success rate Supervision Educational Before and After Implementation Plan Integrated educational Mashhad    M.Sc.    Iravani, Meysam    2014-06-18
81    survey the role of graduate Students' perceptions of curriculum components in predicting research motivation    M.Sc.    tatari, younes    2014-06-21
82    Title: compared of adjustment and academic self-efficacy to deaf and blind students in special schools and integrated    M.Sc.    gharib, maryam    2014-06-23
83    The pathology education Research in respect of interdisciplinary approach    M.Sc.    hashemi, foruzan    2014-06-25
84    Effects of self-regulation strategie training according to the Zimmerman and Kovach`s model on achievement motivation and academic engagement    M.Sc.    parhiz, mahdieh    2014-06-30
85    role of The perception of the educational- Research treaning on Scientific behavior of post graduate students Mashhad Ferdowsi University    M.Sc.    safary, mahbobeh    2014-07-05
86    validation cognitive neroscience knowledge scale for teachers and its relations with teaching effectiveness    M.Sc.    salmaniha, tahereh    2014-07-07
87    WHO( lj,sx kdc fi ,dCi nv k,hpd aivd nv phg htchda hdj.    M.Sc.    mirzadeh toroghi, elham    2014-09-18
88    the role of perfectionism in the relationship between Procrastination and academic identity    M.Sc.    gholami, mehdi    2014-10-11
89    The role of employment of authentic assessment in the success of the research method lesson in obtaining research competencies    M.Sc.    abdolahie gol, tahereh    2014-10-20
90    Considering the mediate role of identity styles in relation between parent – adolescents conflict and educational achievement motivation in junior adolescents of Mashhad    M.Sc.    zare, hassan    2014-10-27
91    Investigation Master Student’s Proposals based on the APA style And used it in education and social science thesis    M.Sc.    akbary, zohre    2014-11-26
92    Comparison of Quality of Parents Relationship, Organization and Family Function in Adaptive and Maladaptive Children    M.Sc.    Ganjali, Razieh    2014-12-17
93    the comparision of Effectiveness of problem-solving skills training by cognitive-behavioral style of michenbaum on problem-solving perception and adjustment of boy students of normal high school and boarding high schools    M.Sc.    arkhodi ghale noei, mahdi    2014-12-22
94    The effect of emotional-focused group therapy on resilience and grief reaction of persons with complication grief    M.Sc.    alipour, maedeh    2015-01-13
95    Comparison of academic motivation, achievement motivation and self- handicapping in normal girls and derelict high school girls in Mashhad    M.Sc.    sadeghi sabzevari, maryam    2015-01-31
96    Effectiveness of conflict resolution skills to reduce loneliness and couple burnout in women's health house four Tehran Municipality    M.Sc.    mohsenzade, esmat    2015-02-03
97    study on the relationship between alexythimia and type d personality with stress as mediator variable on the blood pressure of heart patients    M.Sc.    salehzadeh, saba    2015-02-03
98    Mediation role of coping strategies and self-expression in the relationship between sensation seeking tendency to addiction    M.Sc.    Sayadi, Halime    2015-02-17
99    Design and develop factor structure research anxiety and develop the questionnaire for the students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Gholami, fatemeh    2015-02-23
100    A Study of Effectiveness of Rational, Emotive, Behavior Therapy (REBT) with Group Method on Decrease Depression, Stress and Increase Parental self-efficacy of Mothers of blind children    M.Sc.    ranjbar, Rfe    2015-02-25
101    Investigate the functional role of maternal attachment and emotional development of the child with the mother's parenting style mediate in children under 3 years    M.Sc.    janfadah dorbadam, maryam    2015-03-03
102    The effect of schema therapy in reducing symptoms of avoidant personality: a single subject    M.Sc.    gol, alireza    2015-03-03
103    Comparison effectiveness Inquiry-based teaching methods and Context- based teaching methods of research skills and Social female students Sixth Primary Sarakhs city    M.Sc.    sistani zade, fereshte    2015-03-04
104    studing the role of attitude, motivation and personality traits in predicting the knowledge sharing behavior of teachers    M.Sc.    khooniki darmyan, tayebe    2015-03-11
105    نقش محیط سازنده گرای ادراک شده در انگیزش پیشرفت مدارس متوسطه دوم شهر مشهد: آزمون یک مدل ساختاری علی با میانجی گرانه باورهای انگیزشی    M.Sc.    Choupankareh, Somayeh    2015-03-15
106    The relationship between intensity of menopausal symptoms and attachment styles: Mediating role of Sex guilt and Defense mechanisms    M.Sc.    seyed hosseini, afsaneh sadat    2015-04-14
107    Effects the role of self regulation of mediation between class management style with students academic performance    M.Sc.    tahghighi vatani, behjat    2015-04-29
108    Application of Dual-Processing Model in predicting eating behavior: the Development of a New Cognitive Bias Modification Program    Ph.D    Moghaddas Zadeh Bazzaz, Masoud    2015-05-18
109    effect of emotional focused couple therapy on quality of relationship and life style of barren couples    M.Sc.    yazdani momrabadi, shima    2015-05-24
110    Assessing the existing situation and determining the effective educational strategy for developing research competencies in the curriculum of the second elementary school    Ph.D    hossein panah, mahdi    2015-05-31
111    Designing and assessing the effectiveness of "Mediation based on Human integrated development approach (DIR-MISC)" parenting program on quality of mother-child interactions, mother’s parental self-efficacy and cognitive problem solving ability of children    M.Sc.    vahidi, elahe    2015-06-13
112    Case Study on Melancholia: Exploring the evolution of narcissism in the path of destruction and death from the perspective of psychoanalitic and object relation theories    Ph.D    HosseinAbadi, majid    2015-06-14
113    Identify the components of the feedback and build and validate the feedback instrument    M.Sc.    haghdadi, fatemeh    2015-06-17
114    Predictive Psychological Factors in Use of Teachers of Research Based-Approach in Teaching    M.Sc.    Adelipoor, Zakiye    2015-06-22
115    Emotional experiences in Elementary schools: A Qualitiative study    M.Sc.    KAZEMI, BIBI KHATEREH    2015-06-27
116    Family psychological function role، identity and attachment styles in adolescence    M.Sc.    fathi, fahime    2015-07-04
117    The effectiveness of self-compassion education on Self-efficacy and academic motivation in high school    M.Sc.    hosseini, fatemeh    2015-07-04
118    The relationship religious orientation with academic achievement motivation with the intervention of resilience among students' of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Shakeri Koushki, Roya    2015-07-04
119    Identify factors associated with the application of metacognition in the research: Construction and Validation research’s metacognition scale    M.Sc.    Haghayeghi, Marzieh    2015-07-06
120    Phenomenology of professional researchers in the behavioral science to use of sources knowledge in research process    M.Sc.    noori, hassan    2015-10-12
121    designing the supervision and educational guidance pattern in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    naseri sadegh, sajede    2015-10-14
122    Factors affecting research ethics in different subgroups of students and their shares of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Human Sciences and Animal-Kshavrzy Sciences Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Pourhaji, Roya    2015-10-19
123    Research concept and its expected outcomes from the perspective of teachers and Students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad: Investigate the development and implementation textured effect    M.Sc.    hatami kia, somaye    2015-10-26
124    Computer and non-computer game design of mathematical education and evaluation of its effectiveness on the mathematical development of Elementary second grade students    M.Sc.    Mirzaie, Mohammad Mehdi    2015-11-28
125    The impact of research in the philosophy program for children on the intelligence community failed seventh grade students    M.Sc.    gallehdar kakhki, zohreh    2015-12-14
126    Factorial structure of help-seecking in research: developing and validation a scale on help-seecking in research    M.Sc.    saeedi rezani, talieh    2016-01-04
127    The Relationship of Hope and Social Adjustment with Academic Burnout Mediated by Self-efficacy in M. A Students    M.Sc.    azadsefat, seyed nader    2016-02-16
128    Compilation and Evaluation of the Effectiveness Ellis Cognitive-Behavioral Training package on Amotivation and Academic Burnout of Pre-university and Third-grade High school Students    M.Sc.    yaghoobi, saiedeh    2016-04-09
129    درگیری پژوهشی، خودمختاری، واسطه‌ای، معنای تحصیلی    M.Sc.    garavand, yasser    2016-04-19
130    بررسی نقش میانجیگرانه خودتنظیمی هیجانی و مهارت های حل مساله اجتماعی در تبیین رابطه بین سبک های فرزندپروری ادراک شده و اضطراب امتحان دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد    M.Sc.    jalili, fatemeh    2016-04-30
131    emotion, temperament,social-cognitive traits and prosocial behaviour in abused children: evaluating a causal model    Ph.D    Attari, Azadeh    2016-05-21
132    Identify early maladaptive schemas In bullying and victims students at school    M.Sc.    shayesteh, ameneh    2016-06-11
133    The Role of Combined Temperament Based on Traditional Medicine in Predicting Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Social Functioning    M.Sc.    danesh, zahra    2016-06-14
134    The Effectiveness of mnemonics techniques Training on Memory Improvement and memory self-efficacy in the third year of high school students    M.Sc.    baseri, Morteza    2016-06-18
135    Detection of Emotional, Motivational, and Social Problems of Students with Learning Disabilities Based on a Combined Research and Comparison with Normal Students    M.Sc.    samadi saljooghi, aliyeh    2016-06-25
136    Development and Validation of the Research self-regulation Scale for graduate students    M.Sc.    koohi, mohammad    2016-09-27
137    Infants screening at risk of autism,regarding to visual processing abilities.    Ph.D    Hadadi, Parvaneh    2016-10-19
138    The Effectiveness of Positive Thinking Education with Empowerment Approach on Improving Students' Academic Emotions and Happiness.    M.Sc.    shirdel mohammad abad, robabe    2016-10-29
139    The Effectiveness of Group Education of Self-compassion in Decreasing Parenting stress, Increasing Parental Self-efficacy and Resiliency in Mothers of Children with ASD    M.Sc.    mousazadeh, soroor    2016-11-01
140    Intermediary roll of Cognitive Emotion Self- Regulation and Behavioral approach/inhibition system in explaining the relating Highly Sensory processing sensitivity and Impulsivity to class controlling    M.Sc.    zabihi, masoomeh    2016-11-14
141    Examining the effect of group training based on rational-emotive-behavioral therapy (REBT) on reducing the level of worry, intolerance of uncertainty and negative problem orientation: A case of Ferdowsi University students    M.Sc.    ghobadi, armaghan    2016-11-15
142    the relationship bettween family sturacter withe mediator of identity style,social ajustmentwith academic underachivment on students    M.Sc.    piri, hossein    2017-02-11
143    The Role of wisdom on marital adjustment with the meditation of conflict resolution styles and identities    M.Sc.    khalooee, shohreh    2017-02-14
144    نیازسنجی سواد رایانه‌ای خاص پژوهشگران آموزشی درجامعه اساتید و دانشجویان علوم تربیتی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد    M.Sc.    shiri, maryam    2017-03-07
145    Identification of the methodological and ethical challenges of research with children    M.Sc.    sadegh zadeh, fateme    2017-03-14
146    The Relationship between Teacher and Students' Perfectionism on Self-Efficacy and Academic Burnout by Mediating Exam Anxiety    M.Sc.    salehinezhad, maryam    2017-04-08
147    Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Group Training Through Play on Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Academic Motivation in Girl Students    M.Sc.    arab, zeynab    2017-04-20
148    The Study of Non-motivating factors affecting Illiterates Participation in adult Literacy education Classes in Zirkooh: real experience if Illiterates and teachers    M.Sc.    mahmoudi, hossein    2017-04-22
149    Lived experience of Professors of Humanities groups from their evaluation methods of students and their psychological consequences    M.Sc.    naseri, fatemeh    2017-05-06
150    the psychological impact of breast cancer: systemstic review, preventive therapy package design and determine the affectiveness of its    Ph.D    Rafaee Saeedi, Nasrin    2017-05-07
151    Investigating the Attitudes of Aacademic Members towards Research Policies of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and its Relationship with their Knowledge Behavior    M.Sc.    tizhoosh, saboora    2017-05-09
152    Development and validation of the Practical Intelligence Scale of Students    M.Sc.    ghalenovy, fariba    2017-05-13
153    Adaptation of parental Involvement questionnaire in children and adolescents' educational process Hoover-Dempsy & Sandler In Torghbeh City    M.Sc.    hashemi, marjan sadat    2017-05-27
154    The Relationship between Cognitive Flexibility with Aggression and Working Memory with Intervention of Anxiety in 6 grade Primary School Boy Students    M.Sc.    DEHGHAN HESAR, MOJTABA    2017-07-01
155    The Effectiveness of Group Training of REE(Rational Emotive Education) on Anxiety and Self-Efficacy among youth with Type 1 Diabetes in Mashad city    M.Sc.    amiriyan, mahbobe sadat    2017-07-04
156    comparing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and reflexology for patients with obesity to weight loss,decrease anexiety and depression    M.Sc.    eskandari, samineh    2017-07-04
157    The role of moderating defense mechanisms in the relationship between attachment styles and the fear of intimacy of female students    M.Sc.    sakkaki, fatemeh    2017-07-04
158    The development of Arabic language adequacy scale and to analyze of it's reliability and validity    M.Sc.    mahram, mohammad amin    2017-08-27
159    The Role of Explicit and Implicit Emotional Working Memory in Controlling Impulsivity: Developing and Efficacy of a New Cognitive Intervention Program    Ph.D    samie fard, mahsa    2017-11-21
160    Assessing the effectiveness of admission and commitment education on aggression ، high risk behaviors and family functioning in drug addicts under treatment    M.Sc.    shahrzadnia, fahimeh    2017-11-28
161    Explaining the psycho-social consequences of women’s infertility based on mixed method: Development and designing training-support protocol    Ph.D    Zarif, Haniye    2017-12-26
162    Determinants of Motivation in the Goal Theory of Current Concerns as Applied to Promoting Women’s Motivation to Exercise    Ph.D    Maddah, Rahele    2018-03-11
163    Moderating role of Islamic religious orientation in the relationship between multidimensional Responsibility and religious happiness in married    M.Sc.    rezadad, najmeh    2018-03-13
164    The effectiveness of brief object relatons psychotherapy on the patterns of repetition compulsion in borderline personality syndrome: A Single – Subject research    M.Sc.    ghaempanah, mahdi    2018-03-13
165    The role of purposeful parenting in purposefulness and self understanding of adolescent    Ph.D    vedadian, zahra    2018-03-13
166    Psychological and Educational Consequences of Instructional Preparation Centers: A Study Based on Grounded Theory    M.Sc.    asgari, zahra    2018-03-14
167    Considering the mediation role of fear of negative evaluation in relation psychological well-being with educational procrastination and learning styles    M.Sc.    ghaderi, abbas    2018-03-17
168    The effectiveness of brief behavioral activation training on reducing test anxiety and academic self-handicapping of Mashhad secondary school girl students    M.Sc.    hasanzadeh, maryam    2018-04-15
169    the effectivness ifchoice theory training to care givers in social problem solving, caregiver-child relationship, aggression, male orphans and abandoned children    M.Sc.    Ahmadian Hosseini, Niloufar    2018-05-01
170    Investigating Cognitive Sequential Dependencies on users’ decisions in Cyberspace    M.Sc.    dolatabadi, mohsen    2018-05-08
171    A mediating role of self-regulation in the relationship between mindfulness and optimism among blind adults    M.Sc.    Heidarian Shahri, Fatemeh    2018-05-16
172    Synergistic role of anxiety sensitivity, emotional order and resilience in the emergence of psychological problems of firefighters: Comparison of the effectiveness of integrated diagnostic fetal therapy with acceptance and commitment therapy    Ph.D    kalantar, gholam abbas    2018-06-09