Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Social Psychology in Education    B.Sc.
2    Educational Psychology    B.Sc.
3    Individual Differences in Children    B.Sc.
4    General Psychology    B.Sc.
5    Educational Psychology    B.Sc.
6    Statistical Methods in Education    B.Sc.
7    Introduction to Measurement in Education    B.Sc.
8    Introduction to Research in Education    B.Sc.
9    Primary and Preschool Education    B.Sc.
10    Psychology of Play    B.Sc.
11    Psychology of Reading in Struction    B.Sc.
12    Social Psychology    B.Sc.
13    Advanced inferential statistics    M.Sc.
14    Advanced Method in Statistics    M.Sc.
15    Advanced Social Psychology    M.Sc.
16    Research Methods in Cognitive Science    M.Sc.
17    Advanced Statistics and Research in Psy.    M.Sc.
18    Advanced statistics and data analysis    M.Sc.
19    Advanced research methods and computer applications in educational research    M.Sc.
20    Implications of Referencial Statistics in Edu. Management    B.Sc.
21    Computer application in Educational Research    M.Sc.
22    Statistics methods - I    M.Sc.
23    Statistics methods - II    M.Sc.
24    Statistical Methods in Psychology    M.Sc.
25    Application of the theory and principles of learning in the curriculum    M.Sc.
26    Educational Philosophy and assessment of achievment    M.Sc.
27    Statistics inferential    M.Sc.
28        B.Sc.
29        M.Sc.
30    Research Method    B.Sc.
31        M.Sc.
32    Measurement and Testing    M.Sc.
33    Sampling methods    M.Sc.
34    Motivation in educaation    M.Sc.
35    Advanced Research method and inferential statisic    Ph.D
36    Educational psychology    Ph.D
37        Ph.D
38        Ph.D
39    statistics and research plans    Ph.D
40        Ph.D
41    Advanced psychometric methods    Ph.D